Facebook page seeks to help in search of missing California man David Steen

by Dustin Alexander-Pérez, Investigative Reporter
     Metro News Wire Service - Los Angeles Bureau

Updated Saturday, 30 September, 2017 at 3:15 p.m.. PST

SAN BERANDINO COUNTY, CA - David W. Steen, 57, of Apple Valley went missing in the early morning hours of Sunday, September 17, 2017. He was driving his car, had his wallet, cellphone and credit card with him. Known for being extremely routine and never varying from it, Steen's wife knew something was terribly wrong when her call to her husbands cellphone went right to voicemail and he didn't return home.

"I slept in the guest room the night before because he was having insomnia and I wanted him to rest," said Johanna "Joey" Steen, David Steen's wife of 26 years. Steen reports her husband had also recently been diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes and also has lived with a low platelet count since he was a child due to open heart surgery then. David Steen is susceptible to bruising very easily and possibly excessive bleeding because his blood doesn't clot properly. Steen is not on any medications for either condition.

"Dave had difficulty sleeping a couple nights prior to his disappearance," said Steen who believes it was due to her husbands recent bout with insomnia. "He was up for two days in a row and I thought he had finally dozed off, but he was nowhere to be found the next morning."

Mr. Steen is a very regimented person according to his friends and family who know the 57-year-old retired professional. On Sunday mornings, he drives to the same local market, buys a Sunday newspaper and returns home immediately afterward. Mrs. Steen states her husband doesn't like being away from home for long periods of time.

Steen says her missing husband is semi-retired and on occasion watches a football or baseball game with his brother who lives no more than a mile away from the Steen residence. Mrs. Steen called all the usual places David Steen would possibly be, but none of his associates could provide answers as to the missing mans whereabouts. David is an avid fan of the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs. Mr. Steen is originally from Chicago.

A missing persons report was filed with the Apple Valley Police Department on September 17. However, it is unclear why local detectives weren't assigned the case until September 21. As of publication time, Metro News Wire Service phone calls were not returned from anyone at Apple Valley Police Department and the San Bernadino County Sheriff's Office referred us to Apple Valley Police stating the county had no knowledge of the case.

David Steen is a white, 57-years-old male who suffers from a chronic low platelet count which means he bruises very easily and is at high risk for bleeding out even from a minor cut or wound. He does not require medication, but is in somewhat declining health. Steen stands 5'9", weighs 150-155lbs, slender build, no tattoos, piercings or noticeable markings.

He does have a scar on his chest from open-heart surgery performed when he was ten-years-old. He wears reading glasses only and responds to either "Dave" or "David." He is clean shaven.

Steen was last seen wearing a dark green, long-sleeve t-shirt with a pocket and bluejeans and black belt. He was wearing black house slippers when he left home. A Facebook post by a family member states, "He was last seen driving a gray 2006 4-door Honda Civic with CA plate 5SSA443.

The car has silver duct tape on the rear bumper and a cracked front windshield. There has been no activity on his bank cards, he has no cash and his phone goes straight to voicemail. David is believed to be in need of medical attention and his family is very concerned for his well-being." Anyone with information is asked to call Joey Steen at 760-985-3431 or Det. Naylor at 760-240-7400. Tipsters can remain anonymous.

David Steen has been missing for nearly two weeks, but hopes of his safe return are still very high. Several different organizations are working with the Steen Family to help expedite the search for Steen. His disappearance is mysterious. His family and friends are making a public plea saying if anyone saw Steen or his car during the past two weeks to let them and police know immediately. Metro News Los Angeles will continue to monitor this story and bring you updates as the happen.

Please visit the Official Help Find Dave Steen Facebook® page for precise, reliable and timely updates. You can also utilize the page to offer information regarding this case. The Steen Family publicly thanks everyone for their support and efforts.

UPDATE: The remains of David Steen have been found. Read full story...