•Member, National Association of Digital Broadcasters
•FCC License: Restricted Radiotelephone Operator
•MAMG License: Broadcast Affiliate Engineer/Operator
•KWWX-DB On-Air Personality (TV/Radio)
•Member, United States Press Agency
•Associate Member, CFAPA
     Originally from Worcester, West Midlands, England, Dustin Alexander-Pérez was reared by an American couple from age five. After high school, Dusty returned to the United Kingdom to pursue family life and university.
     He has served with Metro News Network & Affiliates since its launch in 2010. Dusty is our senior news anchor with five minute news updates available weekdays on the Metro America Radio Network.
     He also hosts "Metro Today NewsTalk" a weekly show that is produced at KWWX-DB Radio in Southern California. The broadcasts go into syndication in the Fall of 2018.
     Smooth Jazz music lovers, be sure to tune in to Dusty's show "Lite's Out Metro" thatcan be heard on various radio stations throughout North America, Europe and Australia during various evenings. Check local listings and stations for times or listen anytime online at the bottom of this page.