by C.J. Coty | Staff Writer | The Metropolitan Sentinel | 22 May 2019

CHICAGO - Metro News began as a newspaper delivery service in Chicago around 1922 and eventually was revived as a news wire agency in 2010 according to family records and interviews with surviving family members of the company.

Benjamin and Clara Sogol, Jewish
immigrants from Russia, were very young when they were married and then migrated to the United States.

The couple always had a sense of service to their fellow neighbors and immigrants who made the arduous journey to a better life.

Communicating with each other was vital. That's one of the main  reasons Metro News was started as a massive effort by migrant truck drivers and their children to get the word of the day out on the streets as quickly as possible and with as much reach as they could deliver.

Even during The Great Depression that lasted for ten years couldn't dampen the spirit of the then new American's that ran the company. They were determined to keep as many papers going out onto the streets as possible because at that time, it was the most affordable way to know what was happening in the world as a whole.

Throughout the years and with the onset of digital newspapers and electronic delivery, The Sogol's slowly glided into retirement eventually selling off all the trucks and property that was at one time required to run such a business.

Then the younger generation of their family decided to bring new life to the family business by starting a news wire agency.

It was a practical solution and an opportunity for the family to maintain its business while still being able to help others. In 2010, Stephanie Nicole re-launched Metro News as thriving, independent news wire service, much in the same fashion as the AP or UPI, but with a much different approach to news gathering.

The company decided against directly hiring any employees therefore keeping the bottom line in their finances as low as possible while still offering benefits to sub-contractors when it would be possible. 

Sadly, Nicole passed away in 2014. The company now fell under the leadership of her eldest brother, Dr. Dustin Alexander-Pérez who is still the primary owner.

The company was renamed and filed as Metro News Network & Affiliates in 2016 and Wm. "Bill" Stephens was added as an owner and the Vice President of News Operations.

The company has been bequeathed to James Hoff, the youngest son of Alexander-Pérez. Debra Haskell, aunt to Hoff, will also own an interest in the company as a guardian.

Either way, the future of Metro News looks promising. The company has had  to implementsome financial cuts put in place, but intends to continue to streamline and better its production and delivery of services process. In addition, the network is always welcoming of new affiliates and also anyone who has experience in the news industry and interested in becoming an affiliate.

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Metro News is a news wire agency providing services similar to AP & UPI.

Metro offers news reporting, writing and photojournalism services to various news agencies in the United States and some foreign countries.

Frequently, our stories, photos, videos and audio sound bytes can be found via various affiliate websites, on select local radio and television stations and in publications primarily in the US, but from time-to-time also in other countries. But, the best place to find everything we do is here on our website.

It's impossible for news agencies to cover ever story or event that's happening on a local or national basis. That's where MNN steps in and fills the gap. We have local affiliates that cover news, package it and send it to your local news station or newspaper where it's then delivered to you.

There are several ways we learn about stories and events and get the information to you in a timely manner. Sometimes we are dispatched by an assignment editor of a local TV or radio station. We accept assignments from newspaper and magazine editors. And mostly, we pay attention to stories that other agencies are reporting. Our local newsrooms monitor police and fire scanners and we constantly visit news sources to get the most accurate and up-to-date info possible.

Metro News was founded as a newspaper delivery company and eventually evolved into the news service it is today. We believe it is your absolute right to be informed and know what is happening in your world and when you want to know about it. We don't shy away from the truth and aren't ashamed to report stories accurately without bias or prejudice.
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