Metro News Network only issues press credentials to legitimate, vetted journalists and technicians. We run a background check on everyone every 90-days to make sure they are still qualified.
 If you're unsure whether a person representing Metro News or its affiliates is actually on an assignment, at your venue or event, contact us immediately. If you find one of our press passes, please contact your local U.S. Secret Service office. They will instruct you further. Thank you.


Metro News Network Administration

Dusty Pérez

Dustin Alexander-Pérez, Founder & CEO, Rancho Mirage, CA

  • COO, Metro America Media Group
  • Licensee, National Assoc. of Digital Broadcasters (KWWX-DB & WYTW-DB)
  • Member, International Assoc. of Internet Broadcasters Member, Assoc. for Middle Level Education
  • Permittee, FCC Restricted Radio Telephone Operator
  • Member, Nat. Assoc. of Christian Ministers
Bill Stephens

Wm. Stephens, V.P. of News Operations/Chief Photojournalist

Bill Stephens

  • Member, Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE)
  • Member, International Organization of Fire Photographers (IOFP)
  • Member, Interational Fire Photographers Assoc. (IFPA)
  • Cert. Engineer (1st Class) with Telecom Endorsements, Nat. Assoc. of Radio & Telecommunications Engineers, Inc. (NARTE)
  • Licensee, FCC General Radio Telephone Operator (HAM)

Debra Haskell
President & COO
Kankakee, IL

James Hoff
General Manager
Rockford, IL

Journalists & Contributors

Donna & Randell Netherton
Dona Netherton

Donna Netherton
Investigative Correspondent
Tampa, Florida

Donna Netherton
Investigative Correspondent
Tampa, Florida

Randell Netherton

Randell Netherton
Investigative Correspondent
Tampa, Florida

Ray Shasho
Entertainment Corresp.
St. Petersburg, FLA

Louise Vincent
Religion Correspondent
Tampa, FLA

Columnists, "Dishing With Marc & Carrie"

Tampa, Florida


     One day a friend said, “Hey, you Hetta Harpers, you two should really write a gossip column!” So they thought well…
      Marc & Carrie have been active in the Tampa Bay Gay Community since 1980, residents for the past 32 years in South Tampa.

     They own one of the oldest Gay Pride Shops in America and are the co-founders of the GaYbor District Coalition.
     Besides being on every e-mail list in the area, most of all they have a love of People, Clubs & Photography.
     So, “Dishing with Mark & Carrie” was born! The column is full of up coming events, reviews, notices, fun photos, and of course DISH! Now read nationally by over 60,000+ friends every week.

Author, "Life Refined" Column

McHenry, Illinois


     Lauren loves to read and spends most of her days chasing her small children, talking on the phone with her mother, and trying to "Keep our small world here spinning without launching anything into a full blown galactic attack," according to her biography on her popular blog Life Refined.

      It gives the rest of us, "Just a small snippet of our lives and the uncanny adventures that we find ourselves in," states Melissa.
     Lauren is a mother, sister, daughter and friend and uses practical every day learning experiences in the world around her as the backdrop for the material and advice Lauren dispenses in her thought-provoking essays on every day life as seen through her eyes.

Photojournalists & Multimedia Reporters

Samantha Stephens
Photojournalist & Media
Phoenix, AZ

Melissa Endl

Melissa Endl
Metro Weather Command
& Certified Storm Tracker
Milwaukee, WI

E-mail Melissa

Cynthia Lawler
McHenry, IL

Sarah Dosemegan
Milwaukee, WI

Larry Zamba

Larry Zamba
Kenosha, WI

Kate Sherry

Kate Sherry

Milwaukee, WI

In Memoriam ~ The people that made us who we are today. We shall never forget you...

Clara Sogol
Mrs. Clara Sogol
Metro News Founder
Tampa, Florida

Stephanie Nicole
Stephanie Nicole
Metro News CEO & Chairlady
Tampa, Florida

Norbert Wiggins
Orlando, Florida

Orlando Bellamy
Executive Producer
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jim Rosati
Health Contributor
Dallas, Texas

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