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ID & Assignment
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Press Credentials and Company ID Badges Status Codes:

 VALID/CURRENT:  Although card/pass is valid, local police/venue management          makes final decision if  to allow  or deny access to event or press conference.
REVOKED or EXPIRED:  Venue Management/Police Dept. should retain  any ID or credentials in this  status and mail to address listed  below. Postage will be paid.

Metro News Security , PO Box 16, McHenry, IL 60051-9000

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Dustin Alexander-Pérez

 Co-Founder & Owner
& News Anchor

Wm. "Bill" Stephens

V.P., News Operations
& Chief Photographer

James Hoff

General Manager
& Media Liaison

Debi Haskell

Chairlady Emeritus

  Photo Unit

Samantha Stephens

Professional Photoographer

Kate Sherry

Professional Photographer

Larry Zamba

Professional Photographer

Kristina Brenning

Professional Photographer

Approved Status


Nikolas "Niko"Alexander



Thomas Hapka

Multi-Media Journalist

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Melissa Endl

Metro Weather Command

Dona Netherton

Angel Eyes
Facebook Writer

Randell Netherton

Angel Eyes
Facebook Writer

Lauren Melissa

"My Life Refined" Columnist

Eric Crossley

Host, "Making A Difference" &
MNN Political Editor

Kale Locke

News Assignment Editor &
WYTW-DB On-Air Personality

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Metro News Network & Affiliates
is aware that one of the most vital security features at venues is knowing for sure everyone is who they say they are and that they should be there.



Assigned News Coverage Calendar
Events Metro News Is Approved & Scheduled To Cover

NOTICE: Metro News Network & Affiliates have collectively modified our 2020 Production Schedule in accordance with federal and local health compliance issues in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Red "XX" indicates absolutely no new programming or external projects will be accepted. Orange "?" indicates tentative operations, but on a day-to-day basis. Green check mark indicates a return to full operations again.
If you have an event or project scheduled that is now cancelled, please contact us for alternative meeting methods. Thank you.

 Metro News Network Barcodes generated with TEC-IT Barcode Software.

     1) What does a legitimate MNN issued badge look like?

•Please see our sample pictures to the right. They are taken from  actual badges we have issued for this current year 2019. Some information has purposely been obscured.

     2) What is the difference between a license & permit?

• A Broadcaster's License is our version of a Press Pass. A license is typically granted "Media, Pit & Full Access," at venues.
• A Network Affiliate Broadcaster's Permit is only an ID Card proving affiliation with our network, but is not a Press Pass and therefore it doesn't hold as many access privileges that a press pass might. Permit's are usually given "Media Only" access.
• The rules and mood of each venue manager is what we follow as a guest at their place. We thankfully have never had any situations arise and we're proud of our extremely low injury while in the field rate. In the past 9 years, we've only had two minor injuries.

     3)  Whatshould I look for when verifying an MNN badge?

• First and foremost, look at the person. If they have a hat or shades on, ask them to remove both items if necessary. The person standing in front of you should bear a striking resemblance to their card photo. If it's not them, there's a problem.
•MANDATORY: Team members MUST present both their state ID/DL with press pass.
• Ask the person in front of you information they should know from the card or ask them what their assignment is for the day.
• Look for the expiration date. Very important! If the card is expired, then that person probably shouldn't be at your venue. We faithfully keep our badges up to date.
• Only one person, per badge. Press passes aren't meant to get friends & family into events.
• Rules must be followed. We have regulations on the back of each pass. However, the person may have bought a ticket allowing them into the audience area. At that point, the team member is no longer on the clock with MNN and is on their own as a spectator.
• There are several updated security features on both the License & Permit. See photos to the right. All codes and magnetic stripe can be swiped and/or scanned.

Below are samples of ID badges and Press Passes assigned by Metro News Security Service that are currently in use and acceptable. Anything else is probably fraudulent and you should Contact Us immediately if you have any questions or concerns. Allowing someone with fake creds into a venue, scene or conference presents a very high security breach.

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